What is Anterior Discectomy and Fusion Surgery?

Anterior Discectomy and Fusion Surgery can be a great option for patients experiencing neck pain and feel like they have run out of options to treat it.

If a patient is experiencing significant neck or arm pain, it could be due to nerve issues in the cervical spine. More than likely, this pain can be due to the presence of a herniated or degenerative disc. A disc refers to the rubbery pad between vertebrae. When the gel-like material of the disc bulges through the wall of the disc, the result is known as a herniated disc. A degenerative disc is when the disc naturally wears and tears over time and the joints are inflamed. In the case of either of these situations, the patient experiences pain because the discs are compressed and as a result, the nearby nerves are irritated.

To confirm the presence of a herniated or degenerative disc, the physician will order tests like an MRI or CT. Then, the physician will work with the patient to try and relieve this pain with physical therapy and medications. If neither of these approaches adequately treat the patient’s pain, the physician might suggest Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) surgery. ACDF surgery is the removal of a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck.

A neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon will perform surgery to remove the affected disc area, also known as an ACDF procedure. Firstly, the surgeon will cut out the damaged disc. To prevent the vertebrae from collapsing in the now empty area, the surgeon will insert a bone graft in the area. Over time, the bone graft will fuse with the bones in the surrounding area. To secure the area while this graft fuses and the area heals, the surgeon will attach the graft to the area with plates and screws. At SAGICO, we have many product options for surgeons to use in performing ACDF surgery, like innovative plates, screws, and implants. SAGICO products are all designed with the efficiency of the surgeon and the safety of the patient at the top of mind.

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